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Get Rid of Bad Cholesterol with Crestor

Crestor is a synthetic drugs belongs to the group of medications HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors also called satins that slows down the amount of production cholesterol by the body. This is also called rosuvastatin calcium that reduces the risk of serious many serious diseases like heart strokes, heart attacks and high cholesterol level. It can also be used by adults and children above 10 years.


It works by controlling bad cholesterol that build up in the arteries and prevent the blood flow to the heart and brain. It is available in different strengths i.e. 5, 10, 20 and 40 mg. The starting dosage of Generic Crestor is 5mg to 20 mg per day depending on your physical conditions. It should be taken with or without food. Do not over dose.

Side Effects

Crestor can cause following side effects coughing, congestion, headache, yellow eyes, vomiting, muscle cramps, fever, voice changes, running nose, bladder pain, constipations, depression, chest pain, bloody urine, trouble swallowing, and body aches. Stop taking Crestor if you experience any of the above mention side effects. If problem occur last long then go for medical help immediately in order to protect yourself from severe diseases.

Points to be remembered

Avoid taking Crestor if you are taking prescription and non-prescription medicines, blood thinners, vitamins, herbal supplements and antacids as these may reduce the absorption of rosuvastatin. Satins are contraindicated in patients with any active disease as it may cause some serious diseases. Crestor should not be used by pregnant women as it may harm the fetus so it is very important to prevent pregnancy if you are taking Crestor. For more details and use reliable forms of birth control methods while having Crestor. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant and planning to become pregnant.