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Cure Acid Reflux Disorder with Nexium

Acid Reflux disorder is a chronic disease which is affecting millions of people. It is also known as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). It is very common problem that occurs due to the increase of concentration of digestive acids from the stomach to esophagus. Acid reflux order may lead to the permanent damage to the esophageal lining.

Causes and Symptoms of Acid Reflux

There are many different causes of acid reflux disorder depending on personal health conditions of an individual. Some of them are over-eating, consuming alcohol and hiatus hernia. Smokers are at risk of getting this disease and it also common in pregnant women that eliminates after baby’s birth. Some typical symptoms of acid reflux is Nausea, Trouble in swallowing, Asthma, Cough, Chest pain, Extra saliva, Sore throat and Heartburn.

Cure of Acid Reflux Disorder

At early stages acid reflux can be cured by avoiding food like chilly, tea, garlic, coffee and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, avoid taking acidic food, soda etc. Drink lot of water can also lower the risk of acid reflux disease.

Beside all these cures there is one of the best treatment of acid reflux disease is taking Nexium. Nexium is proton pump inhibitor that helps to decrease the amount of acid production in the stomach. It is also used to heal the damage to your esophagus which is caused by stomach acid. Nexium should be taken 1 hour before having food. You can swallow it by mixing the medicine in applesauce but do not save the mixture for future use.

Side Effects and Precautions

Sometimes Nexium can cause side effects like changes the color of your tongue to black, difficulty in swallowing, vomiting of blood, weakness, skin rashes, swelling on face, dizziness, dark-colored urine, headache, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing and fast heart rate. Before taking Nexium tell your doctor if you have any allergies because this product contains inactive ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Avoid using Nexium if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant as this may lead to severe side effects.